1630 Tips, Tidbits and Tricks


These have been gleaned from the 1630 list.  Many thanks to all the contributors!!


    How do I change the size of the alphabet when the up/down arrows are not present on the screen?

    ANS.  Before programming the alphabet, change stitch width/length and then program as usual.


From Maurine Noble via hallkat@ix.netcom.com:

    There is a foot for the 1630, #29, that's great for free motion work. It has a small, clear base which allows you to see what and where you are stitching and actually magnifies your work slightly. Maurine Noble, author of Machine Quilting Made Easy, bought two of them and on one asked her DH to cut away the front part of the base so that she could see her work in its actual size when she’s following an intricate pattern with tight curves

    When winding flat decorative thread, like silk ribbon, onto your bobbin, use your knee lift as a third hand. If the spool is a cylinder, pull the knee lift out, slip the thread onto it, then re-insert the knee lift. If it's on a card or a ball, put a small bowl to the right of your machine, guide the end under the knee lift. Use your two hands to hold the ribbon flat, letting it slip gently through both hands onto the bobbin.

    Only fill your bobbin 3/4 with decorative thread to compensate for the pull that the extra weight of that type of thread might have on the tension.

    When doing machine embellishment, try combining the basting stitch with regular stitches when using heavier thread. It makes the heavier thread look more visible and gives more of a hand embroidered look.

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