Sharable Stitches for the 1630:
ISD Files you can Download


This is the main page for a collection of stitches that can be downloaded and used with the Bernina® Design Software.  These files have been contributed by various members and are, to the best of my knowledge, public domain designs. .

Each page of stitches has a group of stitches.  For each stitch, there's a thumbnail (small) picture of the stitch, and the zipped ISD file to download.  You can click on the thumbnail to see a larger version of the picture.  (Some thumbnails are quite small.)  I always try to credit the original designer of the stitch, as well as the contributor. 

Some of these stitches have been tried out, but some haven't. Please let me know if you have any problems with the stitches and I'll note that in the 'description/notes' section.

I'll add new items to the bottom of the list -- so the most recent additions will always be at the end. (Right now I'm keeping the organization of this simple; I'm keeping the format simple as well for now.)  

The actual stitch file to download (the .ISD file) has been zipped. You'll need a program to 'unzip' (uncompress) it. If you don't have one, try getting PKUNZIP or WINZIP.


As always, suggestions are welcome.


- Ashley