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    This is a list of sites that folks have posted to the Quiltropolis 1630 list.   Some are directly sewing related, some aren't.  If you find that any of these sites are out of date, please let me know.

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1630 Enthusiasts

 Correy Nel's 1630 place - the web pages of another 1630 fan!  Correy has even more ISD files you can download, including a monogram alphabet that he's doing.  

Annnddd... he has written up lots of good information on how to use the Designer software!

Go there and be inspired!!

Gina Butler Home of Gina
Butler's Stylized Stitching -- Gina Butler is one of THE experts on the 1630!

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Bernina sites

Bernina� USA The official site for Bernina in the USA


Bernina - global headquarters The site for Bernina headquarters (based in Switzerland)


List of 1630 Publications from Bernina A list of the 1630 specific publications put out by Bernina, with links for descriptions to each.  Oh No!  Bernina no longer has this info on their website.  

Perhaps someone could compile the list (by contacting their dealer, etc) and send the info the to 1630 list.  Then I could put it up here. - ashley


1630 Designer News  updated! Now all of the issues of the 1630 Designer newsletter are available on line.  Bernina has put most of them in Adobe Acrobat format.  Oh No!  Bernina no longer has this info on their website.  


Feetures A short list of what 'Feetures' units are available, and what's covered in each.


Berninas 1630 Library of Stitch Designs Free designs that you can download and use with your Designer software.  Oh No!  Bernina no longer has this info on their website.  


List of all Bernina feet An excellent list of all Bernina feet .  Click on a link to see a picture of the foot, a description, and ideas for using it!  A great way to see what's missing from your collection.  Oh No!  Bernina no longer has this info on their website.  Too bad, cause it was handy.  You can go to the Bernina USA site, look at Products, then accessories, then presser feet.  It will list each of the feet, so you can read about each one. 


The Bernina Fan Club Home page for the Bernina Fan Club mailing list.  


Bernina Machine Comparisons A site that compares all Bernina machines, past and present.  She also has a list of presser feet (not updated since '99) but still very very helpful!!!


Mary Lou Nall Mary Lou Nall's page, with links to her highly recommended Bernina bootcamp dates and info about her (also highly recommended) books


Books by Mary Lou Nall From the Bernina USA website.  These are just fantastic!


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General Sewing Info

Quiltropolis Sponsor of the 1630 list.  Seller of sewing related books, magazines, patterns, and software.  Please support them -- they so generously provide and maintain so many great lists!


Lily Abello's Sewing Resource Page A great page (index) of sewing links.  Straightforward and jam-packed with URLs! 


The Sewing Rummage Page An on-line classified ads site for lots of sewing-related stuff...  lots of machines -- both sewing and embroidery!  It can take a bit to load -- be patient; it's worth the wait.


Home Sewing Association  

American Sewing Guild  

About.Com's Sewing Page  

About.Com's Quilting Page  

Threads Magazine  

The Pfabulous Pfaffies Shareground Sherry Derosia's page of free Pfaff designs.  You can look here for copyright free designs to convert to ISD files.


Roger Smith Software Another URL for CONVPC:


StitchPoint - URL broken  (too bad) A good source for "technical" information about Pfaff files & formats.  They have a short description of the formats, Stitch View, etc.

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On-Line Bookstores and Book Searchers  

("Searchers" ?!  OK -- I'm open to other suggestions to replace that term)

Powells Books - selling new and used books.  (I often look up info at, then go to Powells to search to see if they have a used version of it!) 


Hamilton Books - sells at *incredibly low* prices and low s/h, too! - will search thru a whole list of sites for used and hard-to-find books.  Kind of 'one stop shopping' - another site that searches many places for new, used, and out-of-print or hard-to-find books.  - sells sewing related books at a discount


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Miscellaneous Links  a little about me & my tribe
Secrets of Machine Embroidery Free projects, techniques, design links and computer help for machine embroidery 

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