The Completely Unofficial 1630 website


Welcome to my web of pages about the Bernina® 1630 sewing machine.  I started putting this together soon after I bought my Bernina® 1630 machine and the Designer Software  I noticed that the same questions were coming up over and over on the Quiltropolis 1630 list and thought that it'd be good to get the info written down in one place -- which is exactly what a FAQ is!  I've opted to keep this plain  -- nothing fancy -- preferring to get the information out quickly and simply, and to the widest audience.

Many many thanks to all of the folks that helped get this started.  Many many thanks to those of you that will contribute to it in the future!

(Please note that I do not actively update these pages anymore. I'm glad to leave them up here. Every once in a while I get a note from someone that finds them useful. Yea! That's what they're here for. If you find a problem or error, do let me know.)

You'll find tons of good and current information on the Quiltroplis email list for 1630 owners, as well as on the yahoo group for 1630 owners.

 - ashley