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This is info that's been posted to the 1630 list, starting in Feb. 2000.  Eventually I'll 'pretty this up,' but for now I just wanted to put the information on a page.  That way, it's saved in one place so that folks can read it.

In response to a question from Dottie W., I said I'd try to help her with the software by answering some questions about it on the list.  Many other folks were interested, too, so I'll try to do some 'lessons' on the list and also put the information here.

                        - Ashley,   February 11, 2000





Subject: [1630] Re: Transferring stitches / 1630 software (long)

Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2000 11:31:18 -0800
From: Ashley Engelund <ashley@ashleycaroline.com>
Reply-To: "1630 Machine" <1630@lyris.quiltropolis.com>
To: "1630 Machine" <1630@lyris.quiltropolis.com>
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Hi all --

Dorothy asked me this & gave me permission to answer it on the list (vs. privately). We both agreed that there are probably lots of other folks out there that wondered this.



> Hi Ashley,

> I have a 1630 UPDATED 96, I'm not too familiar with it but I was  wondering if I could use it to transfer stitches from my PC to my  sewing machine. The question is what is this connect cable for the software, and could you please explain it & what you exactly need to do the transfer.

Answer: You must have the software "Bernina Designer software" (a.k.a. Designer' for the 1630 to be able to transfer stitches from your computer to your 1630. 

Note that this software is *different* from software used for any other machines. It's different from any software you might have for an embroidery machine (like a Deco) or from any of the Artistas. The Designer software was written ONLY for the 1630 (and it's the only software/program that the 1630 can work with).

The software includes a cable that goes from your computer to the 1630.  On one end of the cable -- the end that plugs in to your computer -- is a 'plug' that fits in to a serial port in your computer. (You might have your mouse plugged in to a serial port in the back of your computer. Or you might have it plugged into a different type of port, depending on your computer & your mouse...) The other end of this cable has what looks like a 1630 Key -- and that part plugs into the same place on your 1630 as you plug in different memory keys. [what an awkward sentence that was!!]

Bernina generally sold the cable as part of the Version 1 of the software; version 2 was sold more as an upgrade -- so that didn't typically include a cable. If you buy the software, BE SURE THAT YOU GET A CABLE! Otherwise, you'll be able to design the stitches on the software, but never be able to get them to your sewing machine and so you'll never be able sew them out. Which is the whole point!

So.... to summarize:

- you MUST have the Designer software and the *cable* to transfer stitches from your computer to your sewing machine

- - - - - - - - -

I'll post the answer to 

"I don't have the software. Is there any way I can get some of those stitches that are up on the net? (either the FAQ pages or Correy's pages or the Bernina site)"

in my next post...

- - - - - - - - - 

Some of this info is included in the FAQ under the Qs & As.  (http://www.ashleyCaroline.com/sewing/1630) As I go thru some of these questions about the software on the list, I'll go ahead and put *this* info up on the FAQ to. I don't have time to do any fancy formatting, but at least the info will be there. I'll get to it this weekend....


- ashley

...where it looks like we're back to some clouds after a few days of really glorious sunshine!


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Subject:  [1630] software: getting net stitches if you don't have the software

Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2000 11:42:09 -0800
From: Ashley Engelund <ashley@ashleycaroline.com>
Reply-To: "1630 Machine" <1630@lyris.quiltropolis.com>
To: "1630 Machine" <1630@lyris.quiltropolis.com>


I don't have the 1630 Designer software. Is there any way I can get some of those  stitches that are up on the net? (either the FAQ pages or Correy's pages or the Bernina site)

Answer -- Yes, there is a way. In short, you need to know some kind person with the software, give them a blank key, and have them transfer the stitches to the key. Then you can use the stitches on the key just as you would with any other key.

Oops, I left out a piece -- "...... give them a blank key AND SOME CHOCOLATE, ..." (just kidding... couldn't resist... can you tell what I'm craving right now? ;-)

And as a variation, once you have those stitches on a key, you can transfer them onto another key & share them with someone else! IOW, once you have *any* stitches on a blank memory key, you can transfer them to your 'sewing machine head' (onto your 1630), then transfer them on to another key & share them that way. [but be sure to wrangle some chocolate out of the deal for yourself ;-)

Here endeth the 'lesson'

- ashley

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