How to Submit Sharable Stitches


One of the truly neat things about the 1630 machine is the Designer software -- so you can design your own stitches. One of the truly neat things about the web is that it's a great way to share information. Here you are -- right where those two things intersect!  

Here's what we need you to do if you'd like to contribute a stitch to share:

  1. Be Sure that the stitch you're submitting is not a copyrighted design!! Be sure that it's ok to share this stitch for free. If you don't know, try to find out. If you still don't know, it's best not to submit it.
  2. If you know who designed the stitch (like you, for example), please let us know.
  3. If you have any notes or suggestions (e.g. "This looks particularly nice when stitched with this thread in a border on a garment" etc.) please include that info.
  4. If you know how and have the ability, I'd really appreciate a  .GIF file showing the stitch -- so that I can put a picture of the stitch on the web pages.  (If you don't know what this request means, don't worry about it. But if you do, you'd save me a lot of time if you can do this!)


So, to send it in, send me an email with: 

  • Your name
  • If it's OK for me to put your email address by the stitch (so that people can send you email.)
  • Who designed the stitch (if you know)
  • a short description of the stitch (so people know what it is without having to look at a picture of it)
  • Any notes or suggestions about the stitch

Attach the ISD file to your email and send it along. If you can ZIP the ISD file, so much the better. (If you can send along the .GIF file too, that'd be great!)

I'll try to update the pages about once a month. If you send me a file and haven't seen it up on the web pages after a while, feel free to send me an email to gently remind me about it.

- Ashley


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