Q 43: What is included with the "Update 96"?


Q 34. What exactly does the "Update 96" include?  What differences does it make with my machine?

Martie Sandell wrote a great, detailed answer to this.  Here it is:

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Subject: [1630] Re: The '96 Update..
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1999 15:14:29 -0700
From: sewsmartie <sewsmartie@earthlink.net>
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> Does it make anything "work" better? 

I found that my machine "tracked" better on the large stitches afterward. At the time I had mine installed it was only 4 days old and I was doing a demo in Sacramento. So it all was new to me then and I just keep remembering saying , "oooh!" quite a bit! As far as the zodiac goes.....how often do you use it? I do know that some have the "lost stitches" on a floppy that can be taken in thru the software and written to a blank key. I do not have them but keep hoping someone will email me them. "Hint" 



As for the changes on the update they are as follows:

  • Menu D-2 has 10 stitches, the quilting stitch has been added
  • Menu G-1 Has 11 stitches, entredeux stitch added
  • Menu H-1 Has 6 floral stitches with 1/5 (pansy-type with leaves and buds) 1/6 (daisy-type with stem and leaves)
  • Menu I-1 Is where the zodiac was (I think) and it has 7 wonderful florals; ivy vine, a variety of leaves......each can be used combined well with other stitches. I1/1 is a great one of pointed loops the is great fun to play with + and -.
  • Menu 1-2 is also new and has more of the above to use in combination. these really work well when stitched as a single pattern and then pivoting to make "frames" for Monograms or quilt lables.
  • Menu Q is the Large Script lettering and it now allows you 3 different sized letters, plus several letters have been changes slightly to be more Americanized. (I remember BEST the "S" which now looks like one. I used to have to use the "G" upside down and backwards to get an "almost" 'S'.
  • Menu T-1 has 7 small motifs and scrolls that are great used as single images on the edge of a buttonhole. T1/4 and 5 ar especially nice stitched in metallic "sliver" as single image hit and miss on dark fabric. they appear to be "jewels or sequins.
  • And perhaps the best part is that the built-in stitch designer now enables 5 sizes of stitch patterns..........9, 18, 27, 36, 45 mm stitches.

Yes, when I look at all this........I definitely say it is worth it!

I must admit I do miss 2 of the large stitches from the H-Menu, but I also understand they are among the "lost stitches'. If anyone has this floppy and wishes to email it to me I would be forever grateful. I am not big on the Zodiac (don't ask my sign, please <G> God made me the way He wanted to, sign or no sign) but there were a few, like the people holding hands, I did like or other uses. But those 2 scrolly designs I loved done in metallic on vevet and I do miss.

I think this is the main part of it..........someone add more it you can remember. I have grown so used to using the version 3 that it is just second nature to me now.



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